Volunteer Opportunities

Get involved with Ahimsa House! We rely heavily on our network of volunteers. Several of our ongoing volunteer opportunities are listed below. To apply, please submit a volunteer application.

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Foster a Pet

We are always in need of animal foster volunteers to temporarily care for the pets in our program! Caring for someone’s much loved pet while they are unable is an incredibly rewarding experience. Ahimsa House fosters typically keep pets for around 2 months until their owners can get them back.

Transport Pets to Safety

Our amazing network of transport volunteers provide a huge service to the pets in our program, driving them to and from veterinary appointments and reuniting them their owners when they can get them back. Most transport needs are within metro-Atlanta but sometimes can be across the state.

Community Outreach

Throughout the year, Ahimsa House attends community festivals and other outreach events to promote program services and raise awareness of the link between domestic violence and animal cruelty. Community Outreach Volunteers attend and participate in various events across Georgia to help expand the reach of Ahimsa House.

Special Events

Unlike most of our volunteer opportunities, special events volunteers DO NOT need to submit a volunteer application or attend any formal orientation. These opportunities are great for large groups.

Answer our 24-Hour Crisis Line

Helping people and pets escape domestic violence is an around-the-clock job – which is why Ahimsa House operates a 24-hour crisis line! Join our staff of crisis line volunteers to engage clients and help meet the needs of victims in your community.

Spread the Word

Become an Ahimsa House Ambassadorto promote what we do within your existing network.

Note for applicants seeking to fulfill community service requirements: 

  • The Foster, Transport, and Crisis Line opportunities all require completion of a criminal background check before you’re able to sign up for any shifts, and it can take a couple of weeks to complete the intake process for these positions. Please factor this time in when considering if these positions would be suitable for the completion of your requirement.
    • Furthermore, Crisis Line volunteers must also undergo a 10 hour training before answering the line. These trainings take place quarterly, so this might potentially add another couple of months to your start date.
  • Once approved as a volunteer for any position, please note that availability for volunteer shifts will vary and there is no guarantee you’ll be able to complete all your hours with us, especially if your deadline is very soon.
  • While Community Outreach Volunteers do not need to undergo a background check,  our Community Outreach Program is most active in spring and fall and there likely won’t be enough opportunities to complete your hours during other parts of the year.
  • Please reach out to volunteer@ahimsahouse.org if you’d like to see whether we would be a good fit for completion of your hours before you complete your application.