Ahimsa House Crisis Line Volunteer

Helping people and pets escape domestic violence is an around-the-clock job – which is why Ahimsa House operates a 24-hour crisis line! Join our staff of crisis line volunteers to engage clients and help meet the needs of victims in your community.

Crisis line volunteers enable Ahimsa House to operate a 24-hour crisis line for victims of domestic violence. Volunteers are trained to feel confident answering calls from victims in need of Ahimsa House services or those of other community organizations.

By serving as an Ahimsa House crisis line volunteer, you will guide victims of domestic violence toward personal safety and that of their pet(s). You will also assist callers by identifying helpful resources in the community that can help meet their needs outside of those provided by Ahimsa House’s program. After submitting the application below and attending the mandatory 10-hour crisis line volunteer training, you will select shifts around your schedule to serve Ahimsa House clients in the most direct volunteer opportunity available. To learn more, please contact Justin at justin@ahimsahouse.org.


Qualifications & Expectations

  • Crisis line volunteers must be at least 18 years old.
  • They must also be self-motivated, mature, sensitive, and dependable. Volunteers must agree to represent Ahimsa House and to support its philosophy, to perform in a professional manner whenever so doing, and to refrain from allowing personal views and opinions from overshadowing or conflicting with Ahimsa House’s purpose and procedures.
  • Ahimsa House is currently seeking volunteers to fill shifts on our crisis line on nights and weekends.
  • Following training, we ask that you make a commitment of at least 6 months services to Ahimsa House.
  • When continuing education opportunities are offered, we expect you to make a concerted effort to attend these meetings as they are beneficial to stay in touch with the program and learn about issues you may encounter on the crisis line.
  • You must be able to take calls during your shift.
  • Refrain from using alcohol and/or drugs before and during your on call shift.
  • Crisis line calls must be responded to immediately.