Transport Pets to Safety

Thank you for your interest in helping to transport animals for Ahimsa House! This is a very important aspect of our work. The types of situations where we most often need transport assistance include transferring an animal from a client or domestic violence shelter to a boarding facility, from a boarding facility to/from a foster home, from a foster home to/from a vet appointment, or returning an animal to a client at the end of the animal’s stay with us.
(Reuniting a client with his or her pet is one of the most rewarding experiences many volunteers describe!)

The steps involved in becoming and being an animal transporter are:

  1. You complete the animal transport application, which can be found here. We will need a copy of your driver’s license and current auto insurance card. Please note that the GBI background check consent form must be completed and mailed in to our office. The original, signed copy is needed to complete the check.
  2. We process the application and complete your reference check and background check (please understand that this process may take several weeks depending on the availability of your references and of our volunteers).
  3. An Ahimsa House representative contacts you to schedule a time to review our transport policies and procedures.
  4. We place you on our transporter list. When we have a transport need, we email and/or phone you. You let us know if you would like to take the transport assignment. You can transport as infrequently or as frequently as your schedule and inclination suit.