Ahimsa Ambassador

Spread the word!!!
One of our greatest challenges is making sure everyone in Georgia–both those who need our help, and those who might like to help us–know about Ahimsa House.

Ahimsa House Ambassadors/Brochure Brigade volunteers distribute brochures throughout their neighborhoods to promote Ahimsa House program services to potential clients. Some examples of places to distribute brochures are listed below. Just remember that domestic violence impacts people of all races, genders, geographies, and socioeconomic classes – so anywhere you go is a great place to share about Ahimsa House, because you never know who may be in need of our services!

  • Community centers
  • Gyms
  • Yoga studios
  • Dance studios
  • Schools or on campus at colleges/universities
  • Places of worship
  • Office/workplace

Volunteers on the Brochure Brigade also strive to foster working relationships with companies and other organizations who may be interested in contributing to our mission by offering free or discounted services for Ahimsa House pets. Building connections with veterinarians, animal hospitals, doggie daycare facilities and other animal rescue groups on behalf of Ahimsa House helps expand our network of partners.

Email Samantha@ahimsahouse.org if you are interested in joining our brochure brigade.