Toby’s Story

He viciously beat Mary and her three cats—again. Mary packed a bag, got into her car alone, and drove to a shelter for battered women. One big problem: pets weren’t allowed. After she left, her batterer picked up Toby, the tabby, and threw him from the balcony to the ground three stories below. That’s where he was when a neighbor found him. As gently as possible, she cradled his small body, taking him to her apartment and then gathered the other cats.

Meanwhile, Mary, who couldn’t bear to give her cats away or take them to an animal shelter, was helped by her counselor to call the Ahimsa House crisis line. Ahimsa House took the cats in and gave them medical care along with a big dose of love and attention. Toby, as a result of his fall, needed two surgeries. We expected the worst, but by some miracle, he survived.

After Mary left the shelter and found a safe living situation, we reunited her with Toby and the other two cats. They were a family again…this time without the horror of abuse.

When you donate to Ahimsa House, you help us help these defenseless animals, and you show them that there are good people who love them. From these families and so many others like them, thank you for caring and for making it possible through your donations to help those who need help so desperately.