Frances’ Story

It was just another normal night for “Frances;” she had finished reading her book and taken a shower before lying down in her bed to sleep. Her boyfriend was out with his friends drinking and she didn’t expect him to return home until early the next morning. Frances knew that he had always had a bad attitude and temper, and he had shoved her in the past. She is legally blind from glaucoma, but when she saw a light on near the front of the house, she knew something was wrong. When she got up to check, her boyfriend grabbed her by the neck and struck her in the chest. She was confused and did not register what was happening until she saw the blade of the knife come down again into her stomach this time. He pinned her down to the ground and beat her repeatedly over the head with a bat. No one seemed to hear her screams and pleas for help as he forced his hands down her throat and tried to crush her windpipe. Next, he bit her face, leaving teeth marks all along her left jaw, busted her mouth open with the back of his hand, and nearly ripped the tongue out of her mouth. At this point, Frances could feel her life leaving her body and only got enough energy to push her attacker away when she heard her mother’s voice telling her to get up. She managed to get ahold of the bat and hit him in the head before running out the front door. Frances crawled through the woods and across barbed wire to get to the street. When she saw a car coming, our client stood in the middle of the street until the car came to a stop inches from her broken body. She made it to the hospital and survived her attack despite sustaining permanent injuries and her heart stopping multiple times that night.

Ahimsa House foster volunteers lovingly cared for Frances’ pets while her body healed and she got established in a safe new location. She even needed to move many counties away to be safe from her abuser, and we brought her pets to her (along with all the pet supplies needed to start her new life) once she was ready now she is doing well.

The Ahimsa House community works around the clock to make sure that victims like Frances are reunited with their pets after they escape their abusers. Frances has had her dog since she was a puppy and she is not only like a child to her, but also acts as a second set of eyes. She also has a rescued cat that she brought in one cold winter night. When we reunited Frances with her pets, she was extremely thankful and so happy to have her babies back.