Welcome Back, Friends!

Hello friends! My name is Neil, and I’m the face of Ahimsa House’s outreach program. Like my namesake, Neil Armstrong, I know that even a small step can make a big impact. Follow me to keep up with my adventures and celebrate my progress as I spread the word about Ahimsa House’s mission and services. The big furry guy is my buddy, Diego. He is Ahimsa House’s ambassadog, so you might catch him around town at an outreach event, or giving a presentation about Ahimsa House and healthy relationships at a school near you.

Our outreach program aims to accomplish a few things. We provide training and cross-training for a wide range of human services and animal protection agencies to keep our colleagues informed about our work and let them know how we might be able to work together. We also do outreach directly to the public to raise awareness about the issue and our services: we set up booths at community festivals, speak at meetings of various community groups, and place our information in strategic locations throughout the state. We also maintain a directory of similar programs throughout the country. Finally, we participate in interdisciplinary conferences and meetings to ensure the link between animal abuse and domestic violence stays “at the table.”

We believe that no victim of domestic violence should have to choose between their safety and that of their pet(s), so our goal is to make it to all 159 of Georgia’s counties to let people know we’re here to help. We are almost there—only 24 to go! Our map keeps track of which counties we’ve had clients in, requests for services or crisis calls from, and we’re we’ve done outreach. Coloring in a “blank county” is a major cause for celebration around here!

Keep your eye on my blog to stay up to date on my travels, learn about what  we’re up to, and maybe see a cute picture or two of Diego.

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