Tributes List

Consider making a tribute donation to Ahimsa House in honor or in memory of a special person, pet or occasion. This is a unique gift that makes a lasting impact throughout the year. A $100 tribute contribution for a pet entitles you to have the pet’s photo displayed with your tribute listing on our website.
Learn more about how to make a tribute donation.

We thank the following people for their donations in tribute to friends, family, and pets.


Susan Pyles in memory of Kyle the Persian cat. My heart breaks for his family, but I am so proud of his owner for promoting the overwhelming need of dv victims.

Dominic Hatton in memory of Kyle

Lisa Quartararo in loving memory of her sweet dog Lady

Catherine Graham in honor of Cathy McMahon-Fowlkes

Karlenne and Roy Trimble in memory of Haiku

Pamela Host in memory of John Ralph Silva

Book Club in honor of Carrie Canfield in memory of Berniece Maude Harris

Erin Permar in memory of Marco Rainey

Josette Murray in honor of Diane Estner for her birthday

Tiffany Hoffine In honor of Christian and Megan in loving memory of Chaco and with deepest sympathy from your AquantUs team

Joseph Fritsch in honor of Merissa Cope

Peter Last in honor of Margaret King for Mother’s Day

Samuel & Janet Hagerman in honor of John Demarest

Rebecca and Ilan Schwartz in honor of Rita Cotter for Mother’s Day

Rebecca Schwartz in honor of Cynthia Shankman for Mother’s Day

Benjamin Rieger in honor of Merissa Cope and Molly Misdemeanor Cope, two beautiful souls!

Jean Harris in honor of Cindy Vet, for all your great care of my furkids.

Philip and Kathy Piazza in memory of Robert Cleary. We are very sorry for your loss.

Debra Edelson in honored memory of Joseph Carstarphen

Maurer & Associates Capital Management on behalf of Frances Wolff

Rosemary Magee in honor of Karen Swope, whose work fostering dogs is an inspiration to the entire neighborhood

Amy D’Unger in honor of Cindy Cahalen, for being a pussyhat knitter extraordinaire!

Susanne Muntzing for Nancy Shannon in memory of Chester

Suzanne Pruitt for Bob and Jenny Pruitt in honor of Murphy, a great pup

Alicia Farrington in honor of Charlotte and Joey, our rescue angels