Join Our Veterinary Network

Ahimsa House relies largely on the generosity of Georgia’s veterinarians, boarding facilities, and animal protection organizations to assist us in caring for the animals that need our help. Because we serve the entire state of Georgia, we need partners in every city or town to ensure that all pets are able to reach safety. Veterinarians are a key source for not only medical services, but they are the entry point for our clients. Veterinary facilities are our client’s first stop on their way to safety.

Pets in our program often require basic veterinary care and vaccinations. In some cases, animals come in needing care for injuries sustained by abuse.

Would you consider becoming one of our partners, or even just displaying our brochures and business cards in your reception area? If so, please contact Shannon Oxford, Director of Program Services, at  for more information.

Thank you for the valuable services you provide to Georgia’s animals!