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Adoption Application

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Adoption Application

Thank you for contacting us to adopt a pet! We will do our best to find the right pet for you but we need your help. Please take a few moments to carefully read and complete this application. The decision to adopt a pet is an important one. In order to insure that you and your pet will be happy for years to come, we need to take time to discuss yours and the animal’s individual needs and personality traits.

Before you begin your interview with an adoption counselor, please note that you:

  • Must be prepared to pay an adoption fee
  • Must have two forms of identification
  • Must provide the name and telephone number of a personal reference.

(In addition, we will need to speak to all adults currently residing in your household.)

Please understand that although all of our animals are veterinarian-examined and inoculated, we cannot guarantee health or training. Ahimsa House reserves the right to deny any application. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Please list the pet name/ petfinder profile of the pet intended for this application
Address *
Are you currently *
List the full name and phone number of all adults living in the home.
Who will be responsible for the pet? *
Please list any pets you've owned in the last 5 years by type, age, spay/neuter status, as well as if they still live with you.
Include the name and number of a personal reference who DOES NOT live with you
Include the name and number of a personal reference who DOES NOT live with you
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