Transport Pets to Safety

Thank you for your interest in helping to transport animals for Ahimsa House! This is a very important aspect of our work. The types of situations where we most often need transport assistance include transferring an animal from a client or domestic violence shelter to a boarding facility, from a boarding facility to/from a foster home, from a foster home to/from a vet appointment, or returning an animal to a client at the end of the animal’s stay with us. (Reuniting a client with his or her pet is one of the most rewarding experiences many volunteers describe!)


The steps involved in becoming and being an animal transporter are:

  1. You complete the animal transport application, which can be found here. We will need a copy of your driver’s license and current auto insurance card. Please note that the GBI background check consent form must be completed and mailed in to our office. The original, signed copy is needed to complete the check.
  2. We process the application and complete your reference check and background check (please understand that this process may take several weeks depending on the availability of your references and of our volunteers).
  3. An Ahimsa House representative contacts you to schedule a time to review our transport policies and procedures.
  4. We place you on our transporter list. When we have a transport need, we email and/or phone you. You let us know if you would like to take the transport assignment. You can transport as infrequently or as frequently as your schedule and inclination suit.

Ahimsa House Animal Transport Policies & Procedures

**Please print these Policies & Procedures for future reference**

A. Transport Procedures

  • An Ahimsa House representative will notify you by phone or email of the transport request.
  • If you accept the request, you will be given further information about the pick-up & drop-off locations.
  • Upon receiving the animal, carefully inspect the collar/leash/carrier to be sure they are secure. Be sure the animal’s collar cannot slip over its head when the leash is pulled, look for signs of wear and tear on the collar/leash, make sure carriers are securely connected, make sure all zippers/flaps on soft-sided carriers are completely closed.

B. Transport Policies

  • Ahimsa House will not be held responsible for any bodily injuries or damage to personal property of you or any other individual resulting from a transport situation. Please understand that we are unable to reimburse expenses for car upholstery cleaning, dog chewing upholstery/seat belts, etc. However, you may be able to take a tax deduction on such expenses, as well as on your mileage, please consult your tax adviser.
  • Ahimsa House animals are at NO TIME to be left unattended during the transport, including left alone in a vehicle for any length of time, no matter what the weather. 
  • You are required to maintain a valid driver’s license, as well as current insurance and registration on any vehicle used for transporting Ahimsa House animals. If there is a change in status of any of these, please notify us immediately. Failure to do so could result in serious liability issues.
  • No other animal may be in the vehicle while Ahimsa House animals are being transported without prior authorization from an Ahimsa House.
  • For reasons of both confidentiality and liability, you are asked not to bring anyone else along with them on the transport unless absolutely necessary. If you can not be alone on a transport, please notify an Ahimsa House representative in advance.
  • No one besides the transport volunteer may drive the vehicle while transporting the animal — even if you are in the vehicle too — without prior authorization.
  • While transporting Ahimsa House animals, you are expected to obey all traffic regulations, including speed limits.
  • You are also asked to drive with extra caution and consideration for the animal being transported. This includes attention to music volume, temperature, and smoke within the vehicle.
  • You are asked to keep a slip-one leash and a cat carrier, if possible, in your vehicle at all times in case of an emergency transport need where the animal is not already leashed or in a carrier. These items can be provided by Ahimsa House if needed.
  • Ahimsa House animals must be contained at all times during the transport.
  •  Any information pertaining to the client, the animal, the case, etc. is to be kept completely confidential from anyone other than Ahimsa House representatives, unless express permission has been given by Ahimsa House. When disclosure of information is necessary, please provide only the minimum essential information. For example, if you are transporting an animal from a client to a boarding facility, and we have authorized you to give the facility information about the animal, please do not disclose any additional information you may have learned from the client. If there is something you think someone needs to know, call us on the 24-hour hotline (404-452-6248). If there is someone pressing you for information, refer the person to the 24-hour hotline as well.
  • If an animal needs to be picked up/dropped off directly from/to a client, Ahimsa House will set up the meeting at a neutral location. You will not be expected to meet a client as her/his home.
  • If a client or agency asks you to change plans and pick up the animal from the client’s home instead of the originally-agreed-upon location, call our 24-hour hotline (404-452-6248).
  • If transporting an animal to/from a foster home, please be aware that as a safety measure, clients and foster homes never have direct contact with one another, and they are never told each other’s identity or location. If the client asks for any information about the foster home, or the foster home asks for any information about the client — or if any other questions or concerns arise — please direct the person to call the 24-hour hotline (404-452-6248).
  • You should notify Ahimsa House immediately, via the hotline (404-452-6248) if any issues arise during the transport.
  • If you ever encounter a situation where you feel that your safety is at risk, you should immediately contact 911 and then Ahimsa House via the hotline (404-452-6248), in that order.


Animal Transporter Application

  • Animal Transport Volunteer Application