Request a Speaker from Ahimsa House

Ahimsa House provides speakers for both professional and community organizations, as well as for local and national conferences.

Presentations can be customized to focus on the link between domestic violence and animal abuse, on delivery of safe haven services, or both and can emphasize particular aspects–such as legal issues, prosecution, veterinary issues, working with offenders, working with first responders, etc. 

Presentation length can be compressed as short as 15 minutes for a brief overview, or expanded to a full-day training for those who work directly with human or animal victims of domestic violence. Presentations and consultations are typically given by Myra Rasnick, Ahimsa House’s Executive Director and/or by Shannon Oxford, Ahimsa House’s Program Services Coordinator.

All speaking/consultation services are free of charge within Georgia, though an honorarium to help offset time/travel expenses is always appreciated since we receive no grant funds for this purpose. Outside Georgia, requested honoraria are as follows:

Time (outside GA): $50/hour including preparation time and follow-up.

Travel (outside GA): $50/hour plus reimbursement of travel expenses.

To request a speaker, please contact Myra Rasnick at or call (404) 496-4038.