Donate Items for Auctions and Raffles

Are your interests, hobbies, or profession ones that allow you to donate an item? For example:


If you have a vacation home or a time share, can you donate it for a week or long week-end?

If you’re a chef or a gourmet cook, can you provide a four course meal in someone’s home?

If you’re a masseuse, can you provide a massage?

Do you own a clothing store? A toy store? A furniture store?  Can you donate something from your store?

If you’re a travel agent, can you get us a free trip?

If you own an art gallery, can you donate a painting?

Are you a sculptor? A glass blower? A painter? A wood carver? A jewelry designer? Can you donate one of your pieces?

Do you own a restaurant? Can you donate a certificate for a meal there?


To donate auction items click here


Contact Shannon Oxford at 404-496-4038 or