Exploring New Terrain: Cordele Watermelon Arts and Crafts Festival

Today's star is...
Home of the annual Watermelon Festival.

This weekend Neil and I took a trip down to Cordele, GA to host an Ahimsa House booth at the Watermelon Arts and Crafts Festival. “What do watermelons have to do with domestic violence?” you may be wondering. Yes, it’s true that a lot of events we attend are explicitly pet-themed– rescue-paloozas, doggie fashion shows, and the like– but having a face at community fairs is important for our outreach program, too. You never know if you may be reaching out to a passerby who is in the midst of domestic violence in her own home, or maybe you will establish a relationship with a volunteer willing to foster an animal in that area, saving us the expense of boarding and enabling us to help even more people. As we grow, it’s our goal to color in the whole map of Georgia, symbolizing the strong connections we have with volunteers, social service agencies, animal lovers, and veterinarians in each county.

The Watermelon Festival started out as a beautiful day. Our booth was between a homemade jewelry stand and a table boasting handpainted gourds-turned-birdhouses (several were painted like watermelons). Like all of the events I’ve had the pleasure of attending, the Watermelon Festival boasted extremely friendly and hospitable people. I passed out some flyers about the local domestic violence shelter, and many animal lovers signed up for our newsletter. We even sold some merchandise! It was a good day. Unfortunately some pretty ugly thunderstorms shut the festival down early in the afternoon, but I look forward to returning next year!

One small step for man...
One small step for man…

Of course, none of this would be possible if not for the generosity of our volunteers, especially those who represented Ahimsa House on that very same day at the Georgia Dachshund Races. Thank you, team!

Out of 159 counties in Georgia, we've done outreach, received paperwork or crisis calls,  or gotten cases in from 129!
Out of 159 counties in Georgia, we’ve done outreach, received paperwork or crisis calls, or gotten cases in from 129!



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