Hi! I’m Neil.

Welcome to the web!
Welcome to the web!

Many of you are probably familiar with my little plush face already. I’ve been hanging out in the Ahimsa House office since 2009 or 2010, cheering on the staff as they color in the map. You know, the map of Georgia, that whole big place that we provide services to? Yep, every time we get a new case or crisis call from a new county, it gets colored in!

6.4.15 Neil w Map

I also celebrate other types of accomplishments, too, like our rising case stats!

Featuring Myra Rasnick, current Executive Director of Ahimsa House, and the vocals of Dr. Maya Gupta, Executive Director at the time of filming.

I’m mostly here for morale and cute pictures. But morale-boosting is important in a tiny organization doing big things. Ahimsa House’s outreach program has always been important, as it allows us to spread the word about our services throughout the state, connect with our community, and build relationships that directly benefit the victims that we serve (such as with volunteer fosters who can provide the one-on-one attention and love that a traumatized animal needs, or veterinarians who sympathize with our mission and go above and beyond in providing care).

In March 2015, Ahimsa House welcomed Sarah Overton to the team to serve as Outreach Advocate. Ahimsa House is continually growing and striving to partner with more and more individuals and organizations throughout the state to effectively provide services to the human and animal victims of domestic violence. We are pouring enthusiasm and attention into our outreach program. Sarah spends a lot of time coordinating our attendance at community fairs to attend throughout Georgia, including big festivals such as Star 94’s Woofstock and tinier events such as Biking Bleckley. We have a dedicated team of energetic outreach volunteers who represent Ahimsa House at festivals, and it’s not rare to have three Ahimsa House booths running concurrently on beautiful spring weekends– maybe one in Cobb County, one in Gwinnett, and one far away from Metro Atlanta. Our volunteers are truly the backbone of our organization!

In addition to nurturing these vital community relationships, Sarah is also turning her attention to strengthening Ahimsa House’s professional bonds. Ahimsa House is an active member in twelve Metro County Family Violence Task Forces, and Sarah has been reaching out to task forces throughout the state to build relationships and provide an update on our services. Last month Sarah presented a refresher on the link between domestic violence and animal cruelty to the task forces of Fulton and Forsyth Counties, and will continue presentations throughout the summer at task forces in the Conasauga Judicial Circuit, Waycross Judicial Circuit, and others. Having a dedicated Outreach Advocate allows Ahimsa House to have a consistent presence at groups as far as three and four hours away, which ultimately benefits the victims in those service areas.

We hope that you will enjoy watching Ahimsa House grow. We see Neil’s Blog as an excellent opportunity to share the behind-the-scenes action of our outreach program with our supporters. We are so excited for what will happen next!



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