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Michelle's Story

I have been asked to share the story of my mom. However, I don’t know how to tell her story without also telling my own story....

Frances' Story

It was just another normal night for “Frances;” she had finished reading her book. Her boyfriend was out with his friends drinking and she didn’t expect...

Diego's Story

In the fall of 2013 we received a call from a woman who was escaping her abuser. She had an 18 week old puppy, Diego, that she did not want...

of victims entering domestic violence shelters report that their abusers threatened, injured, or killed the family pets.

{ah•him•sa, a Sanskrit principle of nonviolence}

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Our Wishlist

There are many ways to contribute to Ahimsa House. We are always in need of supplies. Check out our wish list or visit our Amazon page to donate goods and supplies.


Get involved with Ahimsa House!
We rely heavily on our network of volunteers to serve the animal and human victims of domestic violence in Georgia.
Several of our ongoing volunteer opportunities are listed below. To apply, please submit a volunteer application.
  • Foster a Pet

    Caring for someone’s much loved pet while they are unable is an incredibly rewarding experience.
  • Community Outreach

    Attend and participate in various events across Georgia to expand the reach of Ahimsa House.
  • Transport

    Our amazing network of transport volunteers provide a huge service to the pets in our program.
  • Ahimsa Ambassador

    Become an Ahimsa House Ambassador to promote what we do within your existing network.
  • Answer 24-HR Crisis Line

    Helping people and pets escape domestic violence is an around-the-clock job. Join our volunteers
  • Special Events

    Unlike most of our volunteer opportunities, you DO NOT need to submit a volunteer application or attend any formal orientation for special events.

Myra Rasnick Executive Director

director@ahimsahouse.org 404-496-4038 ext.306

Shannon Oxford director of program services

shannon@ahimsahouse.org 404.496.4038 ext.305

Samantha Altfest Community Services Advocate

samantha@ahimsahouse.org 404-496-4038 ext.304

Taylor Johnson, M.S. Victim Services Coordinator

taylor@ahimsahouse.org 404-496-4038 ext.303

Justin Maslanka Victim Services Advocate

justin@ahimsahouse.org 404-496-4038 ext.302

Zach Clifford Victim Services Advocate

zach@ahimsahouse.org 404-496-4038 ext.307

What We Do


for people with pets escaping domestic violence

  • Rescue

    With our 24-Hour Crisis Line and Emergency Transport, ahimsa house is dedicated to rescuing pets from domestic abuse.
  • Rebuild

    Each Foster Home is dedicated to at least 60 days of shelter and care for your pet while you escape, find safety and get back on your feet.
  • Reunite

    Once you are ready to welcome your pet back to your new safe home, ahimsa house organizes your reunification with your loved one.

Walk, Wag, N' Run 2018

Pace your pet at the Ahimsa House Annual 5K and Fun Run! We encourage everyone to bring their dogs for this run to benefit the animal and human victims of domestic violence. Of course, walkers/runners without canine accompaniment are welcome too!

Saturday August 25
5K Run starts at 7:30am
Fun Run starts at 8:45am

Thank You to Our Sponsors

Countdown to Walk, Wag, N' Run

Call 404-496-4038 or click the link to register
Get Tickets

Get Help

If you or someone you know are in need of immediate help, please call our 24-hour crisis line at 404-452-6248

Adventures of Neil

Like my namesake, Neil Armstrong, I know that even a small step can
make a big impact

Welcome Back, Friends!

Hello friends! My name is Neil, and I’m the face of Ahimsa House’s outreach program. Like my namesake, Neil Armstrong, I know that even a small step can make a big impact. Follow me to keep up with my adventures and celebrate my progress as I spread the word about Ahimsa House’s mission and services. […]


We’re proud to say that Ahimsa House has been recognized for its excellence in serving the community.

P.O. Box 2173 – Tucker, GA 30085
24-Hour Crisis Line: 404.452.6248
Admin Line: 404.496.4038
Fax: 404.671.8599


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